We have always struggled with giving finishing touches to our outfit. Realistically speaking, we always and I mean always, end up missing something or the other and most of the times it's one or the other accessories. Well, let's say an outfit is never complete without the accessories, especially for men. It helps the outfit to stand out without trying too hard or too much. Accessories are what takes you from looking good to looking Dapper, within seconds. It's what you call a finishing touch. Men only need a select few accessories to get them by through their day looking sophisticated and effortless. So, we at F2FMart have put together four accessories every man should have in their wardrobe.

69th Avenue Men's Blue Micro Gift Set

This piece is an absolute no brainer, but just in case you don’t own a set; A tie and pocket square, then trust me, my friends, you should own one now. With now events, weddings, and parties on a rise, Suits, and Tuxedos are an apparent choice while heading out. This set by 69th Avenue is an absolute stunner, featuring an overall print on an exquisite fabric, completing your outfit without looking over the top or overdone.

Style Tips: Feel classy by styling this set with a tailored fit black suit, fitted white shirt and black oxford shoes. Not only will you feel sophisticated, but the look makes you stand out as a chic dresser. 

69th Avenue Men's Black Leaf Socks

There was a time when socks were a mere necessity! But not anymore, my friends. Now wearing cropped pants to show off your quirky pair of socks is the need of the hour. Black leaf socks by 69th Avenue is patterned with unique print and is crafted on premium fabric, helping you sail through the day in style.

Style Tips: Style yours with cropped denim, Henley and moccasins, creating an eye-catching and an abstract look for the day! P.S – don’t forget to experiment with bold colors like red, purple, yellow and green! The socks world is your oyster.

69th Avenue Black Stripes Suspender

We cannot stress this enough – suspenders are essential. From being a timeless trend in the fashion industry, we believe that it is a signature piece, something that all men should own. Black suspenders from 69th Avenue featuring stripes and metallic hook give you an exquisite and debonair look.

Style Tips: Give yourself a mysterious yet urbane look by styling it with a pair of chinos, white shirt, and tassel loafers. Trust us, when we say, its an essential work to after-party look!

69th Avenue Blue Bow Tie

Classics never go out of fashion, and the same is the case with this blue bow tie from 69th Avenue. Bow-ties are known to be one of the all-time favorites by men when it comes to choosing the perfect accessory.  Featuring an exquisite overall floral print, subtle color tone, and the texture of the fabric adds a fantastic look to your outfit for the day.

Style Tips: Style yours with fitted trousers, a perfectly tailored shirt, and layer it up with a tweed blazer. And just like that, you are ready to stun everyone around!

How do you accessorize your outfit? Mention in the comments section below. Till then keep slayin’ with your style!

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