Did you know a person can form a judgment if they like you or not in the first five seconds they meet you? Well, of course this is only possible by looking at the physical appearance of someone, because otherwise it can take at least one conversation to know a bit about the other person is as a human.

Therefore, it is extremely important to look polished on a day to day basis and not just on special occasions. However, you might also be interested to know that looking polished has nothing to do with spending big or investing on expensive products. It’s just a few simple tricks and voila, you are ready to step out and flaunt a great first impression. Following below are a few tips:

Wearing the right size

As basic as it sounds, there are a lot of people out here who get it wrong. A well-fitted shirt looks much better than a shirt that’s either too tight or too loose for your personality.  It is okay to go for one size up to be at your best comfort as long as it does not look shabby. Also, it’s wiser to pick clothes that flatter your shape.

For example, in case of women, if you have a pear shaped body which means having a heavier lower body compared to upper body, you can choose to wear clothes that highlight you strengths. Like a crop top and wide peg pants.

Moisturize your skin

Moisturizing your skin with a good face cream is not just a skin care regime but also great to look polished every day. Dry-flakey skin can come out as an off to the person you are about to meet. At the same time, ensure to have moisturized lips at all times. Chapped lips are a big no-no! Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated and always carry along a good lip-balm with you.

Wear a good Fragrance

    Wearing a good fragrance should not be doing while going for dates or parties but also on day to day basis. When you smell good people automatically like talking to you. Also, often people lean forward for a hug or a hand-shake in the first meeting, so if you smell heavenly, it’s a plus point for them.

    Neatly combed hair
    When you are presenting yourself to someone it is important to have neatly combed hair. This does not mean styling them and torturing your hair with harsh hair products and heating tools, it simply means ensuring your hair is put together and does not disturb your face while you are speaking to someone else as it can be extremely distracting to them.
    Well ironed clothes

      How crisp does your shirts look talks a lot about how organized you are in your real life. Often we are in a hustle to reach to the place on time and feel its ok to sometimes not wear ironed clothes. And doing so at your work place or formal meetings can make you look a bit unprofessional. Therefore, always ensure to put aside some time for ironing your clothes before you leave your house.

      Good Posture

        Our parents and teachers have always taught us to sit and walk straight and yet, sometimes we forget to do so. A good posture does not just benefit you in terms of fitness but also makes you look much more confident. Always practice standing tall, putting your shoulders back, and holding your chin up. This will definitely make you look much more polished than a slouched posture.

        Lastly, and most importantly, always remember to have an optimistic attitude towards life and practice greeting people with a smile, even if they don’t. A smile helps the other person get good vibes and have positive notions about you.

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