How to wear your Boardroom Jackets to a Dance floor

Move with a jacket that has become the “formal is the new cool” of today’s times and rock your look from desk till dance parties. As much as you love your job that brings in many meetings, we are sure you would love to relax by partying as well and are probably on the hunt for jackets which are multi-purpose. Well, look no more, because your search ends here. We have got all -From Tweed jackets to beautiful Feather jackets trending these days, lay your hands on these stylish pieces that are yet here to stay.

Twin in tweed

This beautiful tweed jacket is perfect for a desk to dinner time. What is special about this piece is that it is a short jacket that can easily go over a nice long dress. It has two large pockets which are very handy for your hands and has concealed buttons for an extra chic business formal look. As much this jacket likes to attend meetings with you, we are pretty sure it will be in just as same party mood as you will be. For some extra style, add a nice simple ditsy floral dress with, when in meetings maintain the look by keeping the jacket closed paired up with a nice pair of kitten heels or mules in a basic color such as Black or White.

Navy Blue

Blue is the color for desk to dinner and this tweed jacket is totally apt for subtle to social times. What is so different about this jacket are the two latest trends which are here to stay. One is the feather embroidery work on the jacket which serves the purpose of formal and fun events and second is the color Indigo which has become the latest muse for many designers today. This jacket can also be styled with two colors prominently such as Navy Blue and White which can go very well. For a business formal complete look, add a chic pair of low rise stilettos in Blue or Indigo and you are good to go.

Embrace Pink

Pink is the new formal color now. Hear Rose gold, that has some amount of pink in it too. The color has gained wide acceptance in the formal attires as well. Muted tones of pink such as this one which is Carrot and Baby pink have now started to foray their steps into the business meetings. The key is to pair such a light color with matching lighter tones in Whites or Creams. This jacket sports smart concealed buttons with two large extra pockets in the front to encase your go-to hand essentials such as a phone or a handkerchief or even keys.


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