The Best Face Masks available in the Market: Wise Protec Masks!

It has been five months to the time WHO announced Coronavirus to be a Global Pandemic. While top scientists and medical professionals all over the world are trying their complete best to introduce a vaccine that is safe plus effective, this is no secret that it will take some more time for the things to go back to absolute normal.

Right now, as a responsible citizen of our country, the least we can do is wear our masks whenever we step out of our homes, sanitize or wash hands on frequent intervals and maintain a social distance from other people at all times. While everybody is hoping that they would be able to resume their daily activities fear-free as before and go for their long overdue vacation, nobody really knows the timeline of the current situation. It could be four months; it could be six months, or it could even possibly extend to a year. However, one way to minimize the spread of the virus and stay safe is by wearing a face mask that guarantees utmost protection and, feels comfortable.

Speaking of that, Fibre2Fashion Retail Pvt. Ltd. introduces to you one of the most brilliant quality masks available out there in the market, from the brand Wiseprotec. A brand that has been working hard since the beginning of the pandemic to launch masks that provide safety to people around the world. Bringing the textile technology to a whole new level, the brand’s goal was clear; to contribute to a safer, comfortable world by pushing performance and well-being and protecting lives.

Addressing the most interesting fact, the technology from the European company Wiseprotec is proven to kill 99.5% of Sars / Covid-19 virus on contact with the mask (Tested by leading biosafety level 3 European Institute)

Also, the face protection system was made with a technology that repels water particles and other organic materials such as viruses, creating an invisible layer that helps us keep protected.

The brand currently offers three different kinds of Face Masks featuring different individual properties and are meant for its own distinguished functions. Following are the three masks:

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