What To Pack For A Weekend Getaway

Weekends are fun right? Get your buddies pumped & wheels prepped! With truckloads of long weekends coming our way, we want you to be fully packed and ready to jet-set-go wherever you feel like over these weekends.


Trustworthy Denims

If you are a person who is a light packer, then slim fit jeans like these are the perfect option for you. They are super comfy, with a straight and are smart. What’s more, is that they are perfect for any watery area since they dry out very soon.
As much as we know you love just one pair of denim, carrying on extra would not be a burden. Essentials such as water bottles, a nice pair of casual shoes such as sneakers would be very easy to carry. Additionally, you can also pack for a pair of sunglasses such as aviators, light cotton kerchiefs and nice sports cap.

Easy Polo Shirts
Polo Shirts are perfect for any kind of vacation and any place.  This one has a beautiful plain Cross print, a nice flexible collar with a color that seems to give you a chilled vibe. Switch on your foodie/ party mode on, or groove to the craziest DJ tracks, or even take a mini nap in it, this shirt won’t cause you any trouble.
We are aware that you love traveling, but make sure that your suitcases are lighter than your own weight.  A travel pack, essentially containing a nice comb, a razor, a nice mist, a moisturizer preferably a sunscreen, suiting your skin needs is a must have. Apart from that be sure to carry some good packs of innerwear as they might come in handy anytime.

Tee Tags

Yes, tees are an essential must-have. They are fun, quirky and are easy to wash and care for, and are apt for sports as well. Even if you don’t feel like dressing up for a party or a concert, you can easily relax in these tees while also enjoying the event at hand.
For extra travel perks, pack your clothing in the trickiest manner possible. The tricks are many; such as rolling the clothes, folding, compressing, bundling them until they reach a smaller size. Also, don’t forget to add a charger, that too a portable one, extra cable (Five in one) and a nice set of nightwear.

Cool White Polo
Invented in the 19th century, this type of shirt was the first to have a button-down collar. A plain white polo shirt is an essential piece because of two hands down reasons: Firstly because of the material which is Cotton, and we all know Cotton is by far the easiest, hassle-free, stain resistant fabric and Secondly it looks classy yet gives out a very chilled out vibe.
You can be at ease and make room for some travel comfort must-haves such as a nice magazine, a travel pillowcase, eye mask, and ear plugs. Also, since this top has some colors such as Black and Maroon, creating a matching look by adding some bottom wear in these colors or else add the same colors to your sneakers as well.
Life in Black and White

Life in Black and White is not boring at all if you have Fido Dido by your side. Adorned with such cute typos that you will want to just stay in them all day. Also, it has a V neck shirt which is a modern take on the traditional crew shirt.
Since this shirt is a casual one, you can easily go for the bottom- wear such as Chinos, Shorts, or even Capris. Colors other than Black and White would add a fun element to the whole look. One can also opt for tinted sunglasses in red, brown or black. Lastly don’t forget your official documents such as passport, visa, wallet, identification proof cards, your tickets arrange them in an A-5 size zip file case.

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