Wise Protec Anti-Viral Skin Care Face Mask - Quality Proven to contain Covid-19!

As kids or even as adults, we have always had this one wish that has remain common throughout the years – To save the world. Well, what if we tell you, you can actually play a minor role that would eventually lead you to save the world. It’s simple, just wear your face mask. Just the way superheroes wear their masks and are on their way to help others and complete the mission, we as ordinary people can partly be our own superheroes by keeping ourselves and our loved ones around us safe. So, let’s change our mindset to a superhero one and make sure that we wear a good quality face mask every time we step out of our homes.

Earlier, when coronavirus had not spread to many countries, WHO (World Health Organization) recommended wearing masks to only those infected. But as the situation has gone out of control, it has been made mandatory for everyone to wear a mask irrespective. Although, a lot of time people always avoid wearing a mask or fail to keep it on because they find it either suffocating or not too comfortable. Also, some people believe that it’s a myth that a mask can protect you; however, on the contrary, there’s a scientific evidence that masks do work in slowing the spread of the virus.

While there are too many options available to buy when it comes to quality masks, you need to wear the one that suits you the most and takes care of your skin and comfort. Because, let’s be honest, a good mask in 2020 is an investment, we all need to make.

In this blog, we would be talking about the effective Anti-viral skin care mask by WiseProtec:

  1. Proven to kill 99.5% of Sars-Cov-2 (the virus causing Covid-19) on contact with the mask. This product is engineered to self-sterilize in less than 24 hours
  2. Base properties of the mask include antiviral capacity (destroys COVID from surface after 30 minutes) moisture and temperature control, high filtration
  3. Designed for people that have sensitive skin that need attentional care and suffer from continuously using lower quality masks
  4. The mask is infused with Vitamin E that improves blood circulation, Uniquinol Q10 and green tea scent
  5. Prevent your skin from ageing and wrinkles and keeps it moisturized which helps treat dry skin and avoid flaking
  6. As it moisturizes the skin, it may reduce the temporary itching caused by the dry skin
  7. The mask provides sun protection and is anti-aging
  8. The mask is non-toxic and safe
  9. Washable and reusable up to 50 washes

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