Nanochemiqs White AntiViral Handkerchief
Nanochemiqs White AntiViral Handkerchief-1
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Nanochemiqs White AntiViral Handkerchief

₹ 21 ₹ 150

  • Material : Cotton
  • All-time protection from any infection while Travelling
  • Self-Cleaning antimicrobial agents kill all the microbes and viruses just after immediate use
  • 100% washable & reusable cotton fibre
  • Washable upto 30 washes
  • No protocol to be followed while using
  • Available only in white colour and one size (17inch x 17inch)
  • Certification : ISO18184 by NABL Labs like Bureau Veritas and MSL UK

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AntiViral Antimicrobial Protection – The Linen is manufactured using a special active fibre with embedded nano spikes which ‘attracts’ hold and physically destroys virus and bacteria. Tested with >99%* success on Coronavirus.


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